The Journey to Worlds: Grimm and Brian Scott Ferguson September 20, 2015

“I want to become the #1 player for Force of Will in America” these were the 1st words I heard from Brian Scott Ferguson. He began to quickly prove his desire by topping local events. Piloting his signature Grimm Deck, Ferguson dominated every one of the store’s local Meta, proving himself to be well versed in the game’s new and unique play style as well as showing that he could adapt no matter the situation. Soon after he has become widely known as one of the top players in SoCal for FOW.

Then came the 1st ARG event for FOW at St. Louis. We were all excited for this big event for it would give Ferguson the chance to show others his skill at the game. Triple Crown Games saw Ferguson’s potential so they decided to sponsor him and sent him off to ARG with high hopes. He did not disappoint and together with his Grimm deck, he took 1st in Swiss. Unfortunately, due to time constraints at the event, top 8 was not played out. We were still satisfied with his performance at the event and knew he wasn’t all talk.

Soon after ARG, the road to Worlds was announced in the form of 5 regionals to be held in California, Illinois, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Texas. The top 3 at every regionals would get an invitation to Worlds, which would be held in Tokyo, Japan. We were determined to send Brian to Japan and mapped out 3 regionals for him to compete in. The first was California. The Meta was not very well defined and it proved to be one of the hardest tournaments for him to figure out. Brian decided not to play Grimm and instead went with Dracula. He had an amazing start but ultimately lost on the bubble and he was unable to make it to top 8. His next chance would be in Hawaii. This time Brian took Grimm with him. He was determined to take the tournament and get the invite. He came first in Swiss and it to top 8. He made it all the way to the end but was cut off in the final match. It was a very close game but he still came out with second place and his well-deserved invite to worlds.

Even though he already got his invitation to worlds he still decided to go to Texas. He wanted to prepare for Worlds and decided this would be the best way to do so. He Piloted a Grimm deck specifically made to counter the very popular Bahamut Deck. He knew Bahamut would be one of the more favorable decks with the release of the new Regalia from Alice Cluster. Brian did extremely well but due to time constrictions and ties, he did not make the cut to top 8. He may not have topped but he learned a lot from the experience to take with him to Worlds.

This year has had a lot of ups and downs but all in all it was a great year for Triple Crown and Force of Will. I hope that next year will be as exciting and filled with competition. From all of us at Triple Crown we wish all of Team USA and Brian Scott Ferguson good luck at Worlds!

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