Weiss Schwarz PS4 Tournament Recap December 9, 2015

What is up, guys? Triple Crown’s Tournament Organizer here with a long awaited review of the Playstation 4 Tournament we had on the 15th of November, 2015. This is just the basic rundown of the tournament, nothing too special this time around.

First, let’s start off with the turnout. 34 people participated in the big event, both Japanese and English players. Here’s the demographic:
6 Nisekoi (5 Japanese, 1 English)

4 GirlFriend Beta

3 Attack on Titan (1 Japanese, 2 English)

3 Charlotte

2 To Love Ru Darkness

2 Kantai Collection (1 Japanese, 1 English)

2 Sword Art Online (English)

2 [email protected] Cinderella Girls

1 Madoka (English)

1 Log Horizon (English)

1 Bakemonogatari (English)

1 Fate (English)

1 Project Diva f (English)

1 Persona (Japanese)

1 Shining Series

1 Dog Days

1 Black Rock Shooter

1 Lucky Star

We know what you’re all really here for. Before you scroll down a little further, here’s the Top 8. Note that 5th through 8th are in no particular order, since Top 8 cut is Single Elimination:
1) Project Diva f (English)

2) Charlotte

3) Nisekoi (Japanese)

4) Nisekoi (Japanese)

5) Attack on Titan (Japanese)

6) To Love Ru Darkness

7) Attack on Titan (English)

8) GirlFriend Beta

You might have just scrolled down here to see the top 4 lists right away. We don’t blame you. Everyone wants a peek into the winner’s mind.
Starting with 1st place, the only Project Diva deck in the tournament!

Is it Hatsune in here or is it just Miku?
Maxmillian Valido
Qty Card ID Rarity Card Name
Level 0
2 PD/S29-E010 U Kagamine Rin “Faker”
2 PD/S29-E013a V Hatsune Miku “Chat Noir”
1 PD/S29-E028 RR Hatsune Miku “Magician”
1 PD/S29-028 RR 初音ミク“マジシャン”
2 PD/S29-E030 R Hatsune Miku “White Dress”
3 PD/S29-E031 R Hatsune Miku “School”
1 PD/S22-E079 R “Never Ending Song” Hatsune Miku
2 PD/S22-E084a U Kagamine Len “Bad Boy”
2 PD/S22-E090 C Hatsune Miku “Solitude”
3 PD/S29-E102 C KAITO “White Blazer”
1 PD/S29-E103 C Hatsune Miku “Hana-Kotoba”
Level 1
4 PD/S29-E016 C Kagamine Rin “Soleil”
4 PD/S29-E017 C Kagamine Len “Ciel”
2 PD/S29-E088 RR “To Wherever You May Be” Hatsune Miku”
Level 2
2 PD/S29-E012 U Kagamine Len “White Edge”
2 PD/S22-E038 U Hatsune Miku “Append”
1 PD/S29-E029 RR Hatsune Miku “V3″
Level 3
3 PD/S22-E026X XR “Electron Diva” Hatsune Miku
1 PD/S29-E026X XR Resonating “Diva” Hatsune Miku
2 PD/S29-E027 RR+ “Eternal Sounds” Hatsune Miku
4 PD/S29-E023 CR Soundless Voice
3 PD/S29-E113 CR Cantarella ~Grace Edition~
1 PD/S29-E113S SR Cantarella ~Grace Edition~

2nd Place, Charlotte

Toybird Gaming
Siteng Pang
Qty Card ID Rarity Card Name
Level 0
4 CHA/W40-010 U “ポニーテール”友利 奈緒
3 CHA/W40-026 RR “大切な何か”乙坂 歩未
2 CHA/W40-078 R “いまに挑む”乙坂 有宇
4 CHA/W40-079 R “天体観測”友利 奈緒
3 CHA/W40-083 U “ひとりぼっちの昼食”友利 奈緒
Level 1
4 CHA/W40-006 R “一緒にご飯”友利 奈緒
4 CHA/W40-029 R “一緒にご飯”乙坂 有宇
4 CHA/W40-082 R “いまに挑む”友利 奈緒
Level 2
2 CHA/W40-007 R “生徒会でのひととき”西森 柚咲
2 CHA/W40-088 U “ここにない世界”乙坂 有宇
2 CHA/W40-T18 TD 乙坂家ひでん!ピザソース
Level 3
4 CHA/W40-076 RR “エプロン姿”乙坂 歩未
4 CHA/W40-077 RR “大切な何か”友利 奈緒
4 CHA/W40-098 CR 逃避行の果てに
4 CHA/W40-099 CC 欣喜雀躍!

3rd Place, Nisekoi

Baetoge’s Voice
Mike Cheng
Qty Card ID Rarity Card Name
Level 0
2 NK/WE22-01 R 絶世の美少女 千棘
1 NK/WE22-03 C マジカルゴリラ 千棘ちゃん
4 NK/W30-004 R 大変装!? 誠士郎
2 NK/W30-P01 PR ナツイロ 千棘
4 NK/WE22-16 C ポーラ・マッコイ
3 NK/W30-053 R 意外な一面 千棘
2 NK/W30-058 U 初コイ 千棘
Level 1
1 NK/WE22-06 C スタイル抜群! 千棘
4 NK/WE22-17 C コレカラ 誠士郎
3 NK/WE22-19 C ビーハイブの“白牙”ポーラ
4 NK/W30-029 R 女子制服 誠士郎
2 NK/W30-036 U 優秀なヒットマン 誠士郎
Level 2
2 NK/W30-068 C お化け役の千棘
Level 3
3 NK/WE22-02 R パジャマパーティー 千棘
2 NK/W30-002 RR 乙女心 千棘
2 NK/W30-051 RR 深まる友情 千棘
1 NK/W30-052 RR 乙女心 万里花
4 NK/W30-049 CC “密室空間”
4 NK/W30-073 CR 10年間の想い

4th Place, Nisekoi

The Dream is to Play Pokemon
Sean Effendi
Qty Card ID Rarity Card Name
Level 0
4 NK/W30-042 R 意外な一面 千棘
2 NK/W30-104 PR ちび万里花
3 NK/W30-078S SR 水着の万里花
4 NK/W30-085 U いたずらなキス 万里花
3 NK/W30-091 C 秘密の場所で 小咲
1 NK/W30-105 PR ちび小咲
Level 1
3 NK/W30-056S SR 修羅場な万里花
3 NK/W30-059 U 首をかしげる万里花
3 NK/W30-060 U 約束の言葉 千棘
2 NK/W30-079 R 一途な想い 万里花
4 NK/W30-080 R はじめての訪問 小咲
1 NK/W30-071 U 約束のペンダント
3 NK/W30-097 U 約束のペンダント
Level 3
1 NK/W30-051 RR 深まる友情 千棘
1 NK/W30-052 RR 乙女心 万里花
1 NK/W30-076SP SP 乙女心 小咲
3 NK/W30-076 RR 乙女心 小咲
4 NK/W30-073 CR 10年間の想い
4 NK/W30-098 CR うそ・・・・・・ついちゃった・・・・・・

It appears the recording of the final match isn’t uploaded yet, so keep an eye out for it!
The next console tournament is only a few days away! Check out the details at Triple Crown’s Event Page!
Make sure to pre-register using the Google link!
We’ll see you on Sunday!

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