December 2015: Console Tournament Recap January 7, 2016

Yo! Triple Crown’s Tournament Organizer here with another long-awaited review of our latest Console Tournament, held on the 13th of December, 2015, where we awarded a PS4, XBOX ONE, and a PS Vita as prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. This is just the basic rundown of the tournament.

First, let’s start off with the turnout.
24 people participated in this event, both Japanese and English players.

Here’s the demographic:
5 Nisekoi (1 English, 4 Japanese)

3 GirlFriend Beta

2 Attack on Titan (2 English)

2 [email protected] Cinderella Girls

1 [email protected]
1 To Love Ru Darkness

1 Madoka (Japanese)

1 Index/Railgun

1 Da Capo

1 Log Horizon (English)

1 Lucky Star

1 Symphogear

1 Fate (English)

Top 8 (5th through 8th are in no particular order since Top 8 cut is Single Elimination)
1) Nisekoi (English)

2) Love Live! (Japanese)

3) Nisekoi (Japanese)

4) Persona (Japanese)

5) Persona (Japanese)

6) Nisekoi (Japanese)

7) Nisekoi (Japanese)

8) GirlFriend Beta

1st Place, running the only English Nisekoi deck in the tournament, Kevin Te!

(No Name)
Qty Card ID Rarity Card Name
Level 0
4 NK/W30-E033 U Draw of the Shop, Kosaki
3 NK/W30-E053 R Surprising Side, Chitoge
2 NK/W30-E078 R Swimsuit Marika
3 NK/W30-E084 U Two of a Kind, Raku
3 NK/W30-E091 C At the Secret Place, Kosaki
Level 1
2 NK/W30-E030S SR Swimsuit Kosaki
2 NK/W30-E035 U Fateful Lottery, Kosaki
4 NK/W30-E080 R First Visit, Kosaki
3 NK/W30-E085 U Their Progress, Kosaki
2 NK/W30-TE13 TD Love Triangle? Kosaki
3 NK/W30-E097 U Promised Pendant
Level 2
2 NK/W30-E031 R Brilliant Smile, Kosaki
2 NK/W30-E081S SR Angel in White, Kosaki
Level 3
3 NK/W30-E027R RRR After School Date, Kosaki
3 NK/W30-E076 RR The One, Kosaki
1 NK/W30-E076SP SP The One, Kosaki
4 NK/W30-E050 CC Your Only Juliet
2 NK/W30-E098 CR I told…… a lie……
2 NK/W30-TE19 TD I told…… a lie……

2nd Place, already ready for our Waifu Tournament on Valentine’s Day, Mike Cheng!

Qty Card ID Rarity Card Name
Level 0
3 LL/W24-058 U メイド服の穂乃果
2 LL/W34-043 R “どんなときもずっと”高坂 穂乃果
1 LL/W34-043S SR “どんなときもずっと”高坂 穂乃果
3 LL/W34-047 U 蘇る記憶 穂乃果
2 LL/W34-058 C 驚愕の事実 穂乃果
2 LL/W34-060 C 衝撃の事実 雪穂
4 LL/W36-037 R “晴れ着”高坂 穂乃果
Level 1
4 LL/W28-054S SR “一緒におでかけ♪”穂乃果
4 LL/W34-057 C “ユメノトビラ”高坂 穂乃果
3 LL/W36-055 C “至福のつまみ食い”高坂 穂乃果
3 LL/W36-061 U ハッピーニューイヤー☆
Level 2
3 LL/W34-039 R “KiRa-KiRa Sensation!”高坂 穂乃果
1 LL/W34-039R RRR “KiRa-KiRa Sensation!”高坂 穂乃果
1 LL/W36-042 R “お菓子の妖精”高坂 穂乃果
Level 3
4 LL/W34-034 RR “Happy maker!”高坂 穂乃果
2 LL/W36-035 RR “夏祭りデート”高坂 穂乃果
4 LL/W24-073 CR はじまりの想い
4 LL/W34-066 CC 桜の木の向こうの青空

3rd Place, Kagetora Nishihara!

Qty Card ID Rarity Card Name
Level 0
2 NK/W30-009 U 浴衣の千棘
3 NK/W30-053 R 意外な一面 千棘
2 NK/W30-054 R 積極的な女の子 万里花
1 NK/W30-058 U 初コイ 千棘
3 NK/W30-078 R 水着の万里花
2 NK/W30-101 PR ちび千棘
1 NK/W30-105 PR ちび小咲
1 NK/W30-P13 PR 気の合う二人 千棘&小咲
Level 1
4 NK/W30-005 R 週末のデート 千棘
3 NK/W30-056 R 修羅場な万里花
3 NK/W30-059 U 首をかしげる万里花
1 NK/W30-060 U 約束の言葉 千棘
1 NK/W30-P05 PR 最高のステージへ 小咲
2 NK/W30-T08 TD 約束のペンダント
2 NK/W30-071 U 約束のペンダント
Level 2
1 NK/WE22-06 C スタイル抜群! 千棘
1 NK/W30-057 R 警視総監の娘 万里花
2 NK/W30-068 C お化け役の千棘
Level 3
1 NK/W30-002 RR 乙女心 千棘
1 NK/W30-051 RR 深まる友情 千棘
1 NK/W30-052 RR 乙女心 万里花
4 NK/W30-076 RR 乙女心 小咲
2 NK/W30-023 CR ダイアリー
4 NK/W30-073 CR 10年間の想い
2 NK/W30-100 CC 交わした約束

4th Place, Ryan La!

Naoto’s Lion or Thanks Danny
Qty Card ID Rarity Card Name
Level 0
3 P4/S08-T02 TD ミスコン?主人公ちゃん
4 P3/S01-057 U 荒垣 真次郎
1 P4/SE15-19 R 仲間との約束 雪子
4 P4/S08-084 U 探偵王子 直斗
2 P4/SE12-31 C ミスコンは無理!? 直斗
3 PQ/SE21-23 R “八高組”直斗
Level 1
4 P4/S08-092 C “熊田”ちゃん
4 P4/SE12-29 R 頭脳明晰 直斗
3 PQ/SE21-28 C “ベルベットルームの住人”マリー
Level 2
4 P4/SE15-35 C 潜入捜査 直斗
2 P4/S08-096 U マギーのタロット占い
Level 3
4 PQ/SE21-02 R “月高組”P3主人公
4 P4/SE15-30 R 「IQ2000のKY探偵」白鐘 直斗
4 PQ/SE21-08 C 謎に挑む者たち
4 P4/SE15-36 C 放送室突入!

And that’s it!
Remember, guys, that we have TWO events planned and announced already! A PS4 Tournament on the 17th of January and a WAIFU Tournament on Valentine’s Day (February 14th), only at the Crown!
See you guys there!

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