Love Live Vol.2 Preorders!

We are now taking preorders for the newest Weiss Schwarz set, Love Live! Vol. 2!! You can place a preorder by clicking the banner below and also see all of the other exciting Weiss Schwarz preorders we have to offer including the all new Love Live! Vol. 2 Meister Set!!

Exciting new updates!

  We’ve got some exciting new updates and more are on the way!! We’ve got a brand new calendar of events we are working on but you can check it out here. You’ve been asking for it and we hear you!  We are working hard to update our site so...


We’re pleased to release our brand new website for Triple Crown, which will feature updated information for all our tournaments, the latest news right from The Crown, and our special events all in one place. Ever curious about the latest tournament results? Placements from our tournaments will now be posted throughout...