Triple Crown Points – Weiss Schwarz

We’ve started doing a points system that is currently exclusive to Triple Crown Games, but we hope that it will expand to other shops in the future. We won’t have titles, just an accumulation of points and prizes awarded to those who reach certain numbers.

The points will reset every season, and a season is considered to be a length of approximately 6 months, timed accordingly with Bushiroad’s “scheduled” Restriction List rotations (February/March, August/September) (Emergency Restriction Lists do not reset season points).

At the end of every season, there will be a special tournament for the people holding the highest spots in the points system, where the players can compete for large prizes.

Each player will have a unique ID number they can use to look up how many points they have. You can ask for your ID number at the Store. (ID numbers are coming soon and the search feature.)

Here’s the Point System Breakdown!

  • Just for entering a tournament at a recognized store (currently only Triple Crown Games), you will receive 1 point!
  • You will receive more points for making it into a top cut!

Top 4 Cut*:
1st Place: 5 Points
2nd Place: 4 Points
3rd-4th Place: 3 Points

Top 8 Cut*:
1st Place: 10 Points
2nd Place: 8 Points
3rd-4th Place: 6 Points
5th-8th Place: 5 Points

*Top cut entries include your 1 point tournament entry.


Click here to see the current standings.